Priory House

Priory House

Welcome to Priory House, the largest girls’ Boarding House at King’s with approximately 36 boarders and 14 day girls. The girls are a real mix of musicians, budding actresses and future sport stars. We are located on the High Street of Bruton and boast to be one of the oldest houses in the town. Priory is a very sociable and friendly house and someone is always available for a chat or moral support when needed, making Priory feel more of a home than a boarding house. We pride ourselves on catering for the individual, recognising each personality and unique talent, and in doing so, helping every girl to develop her full potential. In Priory, we believe the relationship between House staff and parents is a crucial one and by working in partnership, parents and House staff can ensure the continuity of support that allows each pupil to feel secure, valued and understood. We love our house nights which range from a baking competition through to joining with one of the other Houses. Please do come and visit Priory and see what we can offer your daughter.

Emily Simper - Housemistress

Priory House
Contact Us:

01749 814 260
Resident Tutor:
01749 814 229
Matron / House Office:
01749 814 235

HousemistressEmily Simper 
Resident TutorHarriet Swindall 
MatronJane Trevaskis 
3rd Form TutorMary Wells
4th Form Tutor
Andrea Maistrello
4th Form TutorAnne Sherrard
5th Form TutorHarriet Swindall 
Lower 6th Form TutorJohn Slingo 
Upper 6th Form Tutor - Maggie King

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