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Lambeth Palace Lunch – this event is now fully booked; Lambeth Palace is unable to accommodate any more guests. Those attending the event are listed here. Any queries about this event should be directed to the 500th Administrator, Gilly Bunday by clicking here.

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On 29th September 1519, King’s School Bruton was signed into life by the Bishop of London, Richard Fitzjames, the Attorney General, Sir John Fitzjames, the Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, John Edmunds and Abbott William Gilbert of Bruton Monastery.

Nearly five hundred years later, the School is on the cusp of reaching an incredible milestone, its quincentenary.

There are few schools in the south-west of England with comparable longevity and as we approach the anniversary, there is a growing excitement among pupils, parents, staff, Old Brutonians and other members of the King’s community. 2019 will be a time for celebrating and just below you will find a video of David Hindley, a former member of staff at King’s, inviting all to, “Come and join the fun”.

As well as celebrating, it will be a time of looking back and commemorating past achievements, re-establishing friendships and remembering those who have made significant contributions to the life of our School. Our logo for 2019 has been based upon the earliest version of the School crest, which can be found in the gateway from Plox into the Old House Yard. The video below tells the story behind that logo.

We will also look forward to the next phase in the life of King’s, the first part of the next five hundred years. We will build a new Music School, the legacy of the current members of the King’s family, for future generations. This building will complete the quadrangle of the Old House Yard enhancing the historic heart of the school and joining other builds from the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. This next video provides an exciting outline of the plan for the new Music School.

We are proud of our history and proud to be looking forward to our quincentennial celebrations and beyond!

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