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PSHEE is an important aspect of education at King’s. It fits in well with the School’s ethos of helping pupils feel valued, respected and supported as part of the School and wider community, and be prepared for adult life.

PSHEE at King’s is fully compliant with Government requirements for the subject but goes beyond this to help develop pupils as rounded, informed human beings in an ever changing world. It is taught formally and informally across all areas of school life. In the classrooms and in the boarding houses, values and issues such as loyalty, respect, anti-bullying and personal safety become part of the fabric of school life. An annual PSHEE whole school awareness day on a given topic such as Bullying, Sex and Relationship and Drugs and various 6th Form enrichment talks, help raise and address issues that are vital for all pupils.

The 6th Form Community Service programme also contributes to the all-round PSHEE education of our pupils as pupils participate in a variety of service projects from helping in local schools; including special needs, care homes, animal rescue, and grounds maintenance and gardening for a local youth centre and Alms House and the elderly.

The formal PSHEE curriculum is delivered throughout the 3rd, 4th and 5th Form in a bi-weekly lesson taught by a variety of staff. Every pupil receives a three or four lesson block of teaching across each year on a variety of topics including: Cyber Safety, Sex Education, Careers, Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol, Finance, Nutrition, Wellbeing including mental health issues, as well as Citizenship and Teenage Relationships.

In 4th Form Religious Studies, issues of radicalisation, faith abuse, trafficking and sexuality are also investigated.

PSHEE at King’s embodies what the School is as a community and aims to give the pupils the opportunity to be the best they can be as friends, pupils, citizens, and young men and women in the 21st Century.

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