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The Careers and Higher Education Department aims to help pupils feel excited and confident that they have made the right decisions about their plans for life after King’s Bruton; be it going to University, an In-House Training Scheme, Apprenticeship or Gap Year.

By working closely with their tutors and attending regular UCAS sessions, pupils are encouraged to explore all the options available to them, including interesting course choices and the best Higher Education Institutions. As part of the process, a major event in the school calendar is our annual Careers and Higher Education Forum for the L6th and their parents. Our key guest speakers have been inspiring, motivational, amusing and, above all, leaders in their field. Further, we have at least twenty delegates from a diverse range of professions giving short presentations to small groups of pupils about their respective careers. During this time, parents attend an informal presentation about the UCAS process and the alternatives to university.

In order to help pupils prepare to make these important life choices, the 3rd, 4th and 5th Forms attend regular Careers PSHEE lessons during which they perform psychometric tests and discover why they are drawn to certain subjects and the transferable skills which those subjects offer. This helps pupils choose their GCSE options as well as their A-Level choices and gain personal insight into what makes them happy, work hard and feel fulfilled. The Careers and Higher Education Department is always available to give advice, not only to pupils but, just as importantly, to parents.

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