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For those who have already achieved linguistic skills at their earlier schools, the study of Latin at King’s, with elements of language, literature and classical culture is at the heart of the reformed GCSE 9-1 for 2019-20. There is no coursework option.

King’s Classicists will learn in a recently refurbished room in the Wyndham (Humanities) Building which enhances their learning experience. Latin is available to selected members of the 3rd Form whose results at Common Entrance and/or Entrance Scholarship show a potential to continue with the subject. The GCSE Latin course begins in the 4th Form as one of three GCSE Option subjects. There are public examinations at the end of the 5th Form. The Cambridge Schools Classics Project online is a key tool in delivering a more expansive grasp of the Classical World to students, through visual data and online exercises, as well as help with set texts and an online vocabulary tester. We use software such as “Derigenda” and “Quizlet” also. Through the year 2019-20, the Head of Department is teaching a weekly Thursday Activities class in Enrichment Latin open to current junior Latinists as well as  those who have not chosen Latin as a GCSE option but who remain, following our Third Form course, keen to broaden their learning experience of Latin language and literature.

Teaching is delivered by an experienced and well-qualified Classicist, ensuring that an enthusiastic yet rigorous approach towards the Classical World, is passed on to our clientele. 

GCSE Curriculum

GCSE Latin

GCSE Latin 9-1 is offered by Eduqas, (part of WJEC). This is a two-year course, following consolidation of Latin grammar and vocabulary during the 3rd Form. Our course book is Latin for GCSE Parts 1 & 2 (Bloomsbury, 2nd edn 2016) by Henry Cullen and John Taylor

  • Component 01 (90 mins) deals with handling the Latin language: comprising comprehension and translation into English of three connected Latin passages (momentum tests), which increase in level of difficulty, and some very short sentences for translation into Latin as an alternative to short questions on handling Latin grammar.
  • Component 02 (75 mins) involves a  thematic study of Latin literature, both prose and verse, on  ‘A Day at the Races’. Chariot and boat races are viewed through Roman eyes.
  • Component 03 B (60 mins) tests a prescribed topic of Roman Civilisation: ‘Roman Entertainment and Leisure’. The material culture surrounding events which the Romans found pleasurable are discussed and examined. Topics include the amphitheatre (gladiators etc), theatre, baths, dinner-parties and recitals of literary works.

A-Level Curriculum

AS Level Latin

AS Level Latin is offered by OCR. The specification is H043. This is a one-year modular self-contained course for 2018-19. Pupils are expected to have an A grade or above in GCSE Latin or Certificate Level 2 Latin Language and/or Latin Literature.

  • Paper 01 (90mins) is a language paper worth 50% of the total AS Level.
  • Paper 02 (2 hours) is a literature paper worth 50 % of the total AS Level. In Paper 02, learners must study one prose text (Tacitus, Histories Book 1, 4-7, 12-14,17-23 and 26) and one verse text (Virgil, Aeneid Book 11, 1-224).

A-Level Specification

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