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In a world increasingly impacted by deeply held beliefs and those who stand for them, Religious Studies and Philosophy is more of a life-skill than a subject.

At every level, pupils are encouraged to engage with the world’s greatest and most enduring religions and grapple with what they demand of their followers in daily life. Teaching is varied, discursive, engaging and challenging with pupils able to bring their own beliefs, or none, to the table of learning. Our studies begin in the 3rd Form with a focus on the ethics of war as a rich and vital element of their WWI investigations in advance of the Battlefields trip before half-term. A term focusing on the relationship between science and religion, followed by an introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, makes sure that pupils are profoundly challenged in relevant and very modern issues. Where possible, pupils will experience ‘hands-on’ learning with access to artefact boxes from different religions and have the chance to visit the places of worship being studied. Those who take the subject through to A-Level discover that what was a study of religion, metamorphoses into some of the most challenging content available through a critical study of the world’s most influential philosophers and their thoughts on some of the biggest questions of life.

GCSE Curriculum

Are you interested in science and religion, or beliefs about life after death? Are you concerned about the issue of terrorism and our response to the victims of war? Should the death penalty be brought back and what of our responsibility to tackle poverty and its causes? If these questions interest you, then study AQA RS GCSE.

Module 1 includes issues of origins, the environment, medical ethics and evolution. You will also study terrorism, Just War, pacifism and punishment. In module 2 we now add an in-depth study of Buddhism to our studies of Christian teachings and practice. Former students say, ‘RS is the subject that challenged me most and was an education for life’, and, ‘If I had not done RS GCSE then I would not be informed and able to evaluate my beliefs on issues that one day we will all have to decide on’.

GCSE Specification

A-Level Curriculum

At King’s we teach A-Level Philosophy & Ethics. The specification is structured around four of the weightiest questions discussed by the world’s greatest minds:

  • The question of knowledge (Epistemology), or “How do we know what we know?”
  • The question of God, or “Can the existence of God be proved?”
  • The question of morality, or “How do we make moral decisions?”
  • The question of identity, or “Am I my mind, my body or both?”

These are fundamental questions and the material covered in the specification not only provides pupils with a good understanding of how these debates have been framed over the centuries, but also acts as a springboard for consideration and discussion of their own ideas.

A Level Specification

Contact Religious Studies Department Staff

Religious Studies (3rd Form & GCSE) - Head of Department
Mrs Zanna Wilson-Brown; 01749 814286

Philosophy & Ethics (A Level) - Head of Department
Mr George Beverly; 01749 814286

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