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Religious Studies is an essential part of life at King’s.

It doesn’t just happen in the classroom but in every aspect of school life, in terms of the values and respect shown to each other and in the way our pupils are encouraged to respond to the issues and challenges of our day.

Through the Generic Religious studies programme across the 3rd and 4th Form, pupils get an opportunity to investigate some of the key religions of the world and also to grapple with many of the Ethical issues that have shaped and divided our world; the ethics of war, Radicalisation, Human Rights, Terrorism, Trafficking Abortion and Environmental Stewardship, to name a few.

GCSE Curriculum

At King's we study AQA GCSE Religious Studies A.

Paper 1 - Covers in-depth study of 2 religions; Buddhism and Christianity, looking at Beliefs and Practices of each.

Paper 2 -  Covers 4 ethical themes, those of Religion and Life, Crime and Punishment, Peace and Conflict, Human Rights and Social Justice.

GCSE Specification

Former students say, "RS is the subject that challenged me most and was an education for life," and, "If I had not done RS GCSE then I would not be informed and able to evaluate my beliefs on issues that one day we will all have to decide on."

A-Level Curriculum

At King’s we teach A-Level Philosophy. The specification is structured around four of the weightiest questions discussed by the world’s greatest minds:

  • The question of knowledge (Epistemology). Here we discuss what ‘knowledge’ really is, and ask “How do we know what we know?” We investigate different ideas about the source of knowledge eg. perception or reason, and ask whether there are limits on what can be known.
  • The question of morality (moral philosophy). Here we question the meaning of the words good, bad, right and wrong and ask “How do we make moral decisions?” We explore Utilitarianism, Kant and Aristotle, as well as questioning the whole meaning of ethical language.
  • The question of God (metaphysics of god). Here we journey deep into the proposed qualities and characteristics of ‘God’ and ask “Can the existence of God be proved?” We examine the Ontological, Cosmological and Teleological arguments and ask how a good and all-powerful God can preside over a world full of evil, and whether it is even meaningful to talk about God at all.
  • The question of identity (metaphysics of mind). Here we delve into some of the most profound questions of human identity and ask “Am I my mind, my body or both?” In a treasure-trove of ‘isms’ we get to grips with different versions of Dualism, Physicalism, Materialism, and Functionalism as we seek to understand the nature of ‘mental states’.

These are fundamental questions and the material covered in the specification not only provides pupils with a good understanding of how these debates have been framed over the centuries, but also acts as a springboard for consideration and discussion of their own ideas.

A Level Specification

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Philosophy & Ethics (A-Level)
Mr George Beverly - 01749 814286

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