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Old House provides a superb environment for young men - a model of how a boarding house in a modern independent school should be, combining tradition with a contemporary understanding of the needs of both boarders and day pupils. 

As Housemaster, I consider myself privileged to be in charge of Old House, where teaching began at King’s, nearly 500 years ago. Old House is now home to 54 boys, both boarders and day pupils, who come from far and near to join together and share the common aims of achieving academic success whilst enjoying every opportunity on offer.

The team of staff at Old House is very experienced and has all of the elements needed to get the very best out of our pupils, both pastorally and academically. We all love working with the boys, guiding and encouraging them until they leave as well rounded and capable young men. There are countless opportunities for boys to grow as individuals. Much happens to them in their five years, but nothing will be as important as the lessons they learn from each other. As Martin Luther King, Jr said, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”. Old House provides support, emotional stability, brotherhood and fun for all those boys willing to get stuck in. Old House is a place where a sense of humour and team spirit thrive. Throughout their time here, the boys strive to become the best versions of themselves.

I look forward to meeting you and showing you round the heart of King’s Bruton. Please feel free to email the house should you have any questions and do have a look at our Twitter feed below.

Contact Old House


Mr Malcolm Jeffrey - – 01749 814209

Resident Tutor

Mr Sam Gibbins - - 01749 814287


Mel Appleby-Hearn (Tuesday - Thursday) - - 01749 814237

Julie Anne Paul (Friday - Monday) - - 01749 814237


3rd Form Tutor
Mr Sam Gibbins

4th Form Tutor
Mr Seamus Harkness

5th Form Tutors
Mr Mark Hambleton

L6th Form Tutors
Mr Paul Brice

U6th Form Tutor
Mrs Marie Goffe
Mr Peter Howarth


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