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At King’s Bruton we offer diverse programme of Sixth Form study.

For many pupils, this is their first chance to determine and take ownership of their academic path forward. Pupils enjoy the freedom and variety offered by wide-ranging academic possibilities.

With 23 A-Level subjects on offer, individuals are free to self-select their way forward and pursue their passions. If BTECs are the right path, the Sixth Form can provide this route, with 5 subjects on offer alongside A-Level study. Whilst there is freedom to choose, pupils are not left entirely to their own devices, but are expertly guided in their choice of study by experienced tutors, subject specialists, housemasters/housemistresses and the Head of Sixth Form. On entering the Sixth Form, the majority of pupils will choose a programme of four AS-Levels, or a combination of AS and BTEC subjects.

In the King’s Sixth Form, academic study goes beyond the simple choice of AS and BTEC subjects. Lower Sixth Formers will complete an Extended Project, studying a subject of their choosing and interest. The focus of this project, which could result in a 5000 word essay or the creation of an artefact, is in the independent research it entails, which gives a taste for university study. It is no surprise, therefore, that this is highly regarded by many prestigious universities.  The four chosen Option Blocks take up 40 of the 50 teaching periods available in the Sixth Form; the remaining ten periods are used in a variety of ways and pupils are challenged to use this time effectively, forging a self-discipline with their time. Not only are these periods used for self-directed study skills, they also include classes in Higher Education with the Careers Advisor and extension of work in the workshop or studio for those who opt for Design and Technology and Art respectively.

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Scholarships in the Sixth Form


Download the Scholarships Booklet for printing here.

Sixth Form Options

Download the Sixth Form Options Booklet for printing here.

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