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This page exists solely for the benefit of HE providers, to contextualise the school UCAS references.

King’s School Bruton is a non-selective 13-18 independent boarding school in Somerset, with approximately 60 pupils in each 6th Form Year group. This encompasses a wide range of academic ability, though typically 90% will go on to study an undergraduate course at university. Up to 16% of each year group is made up of international pupils, with nearly all of these having English as an Additional Language. No pupils come from an economic background where the pupil premium would apply, but many are on significant fee reductions through scholarships and bursaries.

General Principles
King’s School is committed to offering flexibility and choice to our pupils, whilst guiding them on suitably testing and valuable subject courses.

The majority of pupils will study 4 subjects at the beginning of the Lower Sixth Form, though there are a small number of pupils who study only 3 subjects, and these pupils are often identified through their GCSE profiles.

For many international pupils, the challenge of studying A-levels and BTECs is exacerbated by the fact that they are studying in a second language.

GCE AS, A2 and A Levels
In all GCE subjects, except Art and Physical Education, the school’s policy is for the majority of pupils to sit external exams at the end of the L6th, although those in unreformed subjects do not “cash in” those grades until the end of the L6th. This examination period is held to encourage more rigorous learning, to provide an assessment point for assistance with U6th course selection and predicting of grades and to build pupils’ experience of external examinations in preparation for the end of the U6th year and Higher Education.

The GCE subjects offered are:
Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Design & Technology, Economics, English Literature, French, Geography, German, History, Latin, Mathematics & Further Mathematics, Music, Music Technology, Philosophy and Ethics, Physics, Physical Education, Psychology, Religious Studies, Spanish and Theatre Studies.

BTEC Nationals
The school offers BTEC Nationals in Hospitality, Sport and Health and Social Care. These are offered to enable pupils appropriate to a different form of assessment to gain a fulfilling and stretching education, which also allows them access to a wider range of Higher Education courses.

Pupils are assessed for BTEC National Certificates in the Lower Sixth, and the majority will continue to Pearson 90-Credit Diplomas (NCQ) in the Upper Sixth, although a few will only reach Sub-Diploma level.

Extended Project
Recognising the value for their independent learning skills and preparation for university study, King’s School encourages those not taking BTECs to complete an Extended Project over the course of the Lower Sixth. The majority do this.

Upper Sixth Continuation
Approximately 5% of pupils each year will continue with 4 subjects. The majority will drop one subject. Those who have performed below expectation at AS/BTEC certificate may adjust their course mix and between 5 and 10% will replace an A Level subject with studying for a BTEC in the Upper Sixth. This fits with King’s ethos of flexibility in order to offer the best choice for the pupil, and the most potential for them to progress to Higher Education should they wish.

Most students will have achieved the following qualifications by the end of their Upper Sixth:

3 A level qualifications in subjects of their choice [some will achieve 4] AND 1 AS level qualification in a subject of their choice AND an EPQ.


1 or 2 A Levels, combined with 1 or 2 BTEC Nationals to sub diploma or 90 credit diploma level.

Predicted Grades
Predictions of performance at A2 will be based on AS results together with teacher judgements on likely attainment, given the intellectual potential and work ethic of the individual student.

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