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These school values are outlined every year by the School Prefects. They are the values that the Prefects want upheld by the rest of the King’s community. As a school community we aspire to uphold:

A sense of community:

In a small school like King’s, the community spirit is what makes us stand out from the rest. We are a close-knit school so no one is left out. The friendly atmosphere allows individual personalities to develop.

Punch above our weight:

Our size does not hold us back. We have the willingness and determination to go the extra mile and to achieve the best of our abilities both inside and outside the classroom.

Modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat:

At King’s, we believe encouraging involvement in all areas of school life leads to a more rounded individual. We acknowledge the humility and enthusiasm necessary to do better in the future.

Acceptance and equality:

King’s prides itself on the equality and fairness of its pupils. Diversity is accepted and valued equally so no one feels excluded or less important than anyone else.


Loyalty drives life at King’s: this is not only loyalty to friends and staff but also loyalty to Houses, teams and ultimately oneself. Whether it’s on the sports field, or halfway through the toils of the School year, our loyalties will be what inspire us.


We believe King’s shows respect in all aspects of school life; this includes respect towards the School grounds, each other and any member of staff while also being able to enjoy fun and friendly relationships across the age groups.


We feel all members of King’s, staff and pupils alike, are proud to be part of our school community. This leads to a desire to excel in the School and help us to make the School the best it can be.

We both feel very fortunate to have been educated at King's and consider ourselves very lucky to be able to give our children the same education. School facilities move with the times, staff and pupils come and go, but the ethos and culture at King's remains remarkably similar to what we experienced. Our children are very happy and being nurtured in the very best of environments. - Old Brutonian parents Duncan and Sophie Weir

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