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Please see below for a list of school contacts.



Mr Ian Wilmshurst - Headmaster

[email protected] - 01749 814202

Mrs Sharon Carpenter - Headmaster's PA

[email protected] - 01749 814202

Senior Management Team

Deputy Head - Academic

Mr Dan Cupit: [email protected] - 01749 814261

Deputy Head - Sixth Form

Mr Will Daws: [email protected] - 01749 814315

Deputy Head - Teaching & Learning

Dr Emily Corrigan: [email protected] - 01749 814254

Deputy Head - Pastoral

Mrs Emily Simper - [email protected] - 01749 814319


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Foundation Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Rob Lowry: [email protected]

1st Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Emily Simper: [email protected]

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - eSafety and Prevent
Mr Malcolm Jeffrey: [email protected]

Admissions / Registrar


Gilly Bunday: [email protected] - 01749 814251

Overseas Admissions

Gilly Bunday: [email protected] - 01749 814251

Marketing & Media

Marketing Manager

Mrs Naomi Warren: [email protected]


Events Manager

Mrs Penny Bird: [email protected]

Community Development

Community Development Co-ordinator

Mrs Emilie Head: [email protected]


Reception: [email protected] - 01749 814200

Receptionist: Tamsin Phillips

Saturday Receptionist: Natalie Rigby

Responsibilities & Non-Academic Departments


Deputy Head - Pastoral

Mrs Emily Simper: [email protected] - 01749 814319


Mr Andrew Leach: [email protected]



Mr Louis Tuson (via PA): [email protected] - 01749 814204

Finance Bursar

Mrs Nicola Slade: [email protected] - 01749 814232

Bursar's Assistant

Mrs Mandy Drake: [email protected]

Fees Administrator

Ann Lintern: [email protected]

Finance Assistant

Miss Caroline Clarke: 

Payroll Administrator

Janet Howard

HR Manager

Mrs Michelle Holley

HR Assistant

Miss Hannah Wynn

Estates Bursar

Miss Lauren Higgs

Director of Grounds

Mr Graham Kitley


Contingent Commander

Mr Craig Barrow: [email protected] - 01749 812200

Community Use & Facilities Hire

Facilities Hire

Mrs Carol Mills: [email protected] - 01749 814311


Foundation Chaplain 

Rev'd George Beverly: [email protected] - 01749 814286


D of E

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Coordinator

Mr Tom Loveless: [email protected] - 01749 814282


Senior Warden

Mr S. R. R. Edlmann, MA

If you need to contact the Senior Warden please email or phone Louis Tuson, the Bursar ([email protected] / 01749 814204) or alternatively, you can write to:

The Senior Warden,
c/o Mr L.S. Tuson, MBE
King’s School Bruton, 
​The Plox
BA10 0ED

Click here for a full list of the Governors

Health Centre

Senior Nursing Sister

Mrs Jo Burgess: [email protected] - 01749 814280


Director of Information Systems:

Mr James Pearce: [email protected] - 01749 814252

ICT Manager:

Mr Matt Ebbage-Evans: [email protected] - 01749 814222

ICT Systems Administrator:

Miss Emma Coulter: [email protected]

ICT Technicians:

Mr Samuel Pearce
Mr Freddie Anderton


[email protected]



Deputy Head - Academic

Mr Dan Cupit - [email protected]

Old Brutonian Association

Assistant Secretary OBA

Mrs Emilie Head: [email protected]

School Shop

School Shop Manager

Mrs Greta Clutterbuck: [email protected] - 01749 814212


Head of Sport Co-ordination

Mr Henry Eriksson: [email protected] - 01749 814200

Head of Cricket

Mr Ben Crump: [email protected]

Head of Netball, Athletics and Equestrian

Mrs Alex Ireland: [email protected]

Head of Rugby

Mr Gregory Barrett: [email protected]

Head of Tennis

Mr Callum Forder: [email protected]

Head of Academic PE

Mr Craig Barrow: [email protected]

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mr Will Lane - [email protected]

Academic Departments

Academic PE Department

Head of Department:

Mr Craig Barrow: [email protected] - 01749 814200

Teaching Staff

Mr Henry Eriksson: [email protected]
Mrs Bethany Griffiths: [email protected]

Art Department

Head of Department

Mr Daniel Cupit: [email protected]

Head of Art

Mr Seamus Harkness: [email protected]

Teacher and Technician

Ms Sandra Ling: [email protected]


Mr George Cole: [email protected]

Biology Department

Head of Department

Miss Kate Flavell: 01749 814216

Teaching Staff

Dr Thomas Brown
Mr Daniel Cupit 
Mr Malcolm Jeffrey

Support Staff

Mrs Sally Crockatt 


Business Studies & Economics Department

Head of Department

Mrs Marie Goffe: [email protected] - 01749 814257

Teaching Staff

Ms Heidi Bell-West: [email protected]
Ms Rebecca Moss: [email protected]

Chemistry Department

Head of Department

Mrs Hannah Seal: [email protected] - 01749 814259

Teaching Staff

Mr Gareth Thompson: [email protected]

Support Staff

Sally Crockatt
Victoria Haselgrove
Helen Lambert

Classics Department

Head of Department

Mrs Caroline Garland: [email protected]

Design Technology Department

Head of Design & Technology

Mr Nick Hart: [email protected]

Drama / Theatre

Head of Performing Arts

Mr Will Stainton: [email protected] - 01749 814289

Teaching Staff
Ms Maggie King: [email protected] - 01749 814200

Support Staff
Ms Harriet Grasby

English Department

Head of Department

Mr Mark Hambleton: [email protected] - 01749 814265

Teaching Staff

Ms Maggie King: [email protected]
Miss Jessica Maher:[email protected]
Mr Guyan Mitra: [email protected]
Mr Henry Spenser Underhill: [email protected]

English as an Additional Language Department

Head of Department

Ms Nicola Checketts: [email protected] - 01749 814285

Food Studies & Hospitality Department

Head of Department

Emily McMunn: [email protected] - 01749 814263

Teaching Staff

Mrs Francesca Portch: [email protected] (Maternity Leave)
Ms Kate Richards: [email protected] (Maternity Cover)
Mrs Sarah Christie: [email protected]

Food Technician
Ms Amelia Smith
Ms Cath Owens

Geography Department

Head of Department

Mr Joshua Godfrey:  [email protected]

Teaching Staff

Dr Emily Corrigan: [email protected]
Mr Will Danskin: [email protected]
Mr David Cotterill: [email protected]

History Department

Head of Department

Mr Tim Fletcher: [email protected] - 01749 814215

Teaching Staff

Rev'd George Beverly: [email protected]
Mr Nick Bunday: [email protected]
Mrs Emily Simper: [email protected] 

Learning Support Department

Head of Department

Miss Lucy Brown: [email protected] - 01749 814308

Learning Support Teacher

Mrs Rebecca Dixon: [email protected]

Maths Department

Head of Department

Mr Tomi Owens: [email protected] - 01749 814314

Teaching Staff

Mr Paul Brice: [email protected]
Mrs Bethany Griffiths: [email protected]
Mr Robin Lee: [email protected]


Modern Foreign Languages Department

Head of Department

Mrs Agathe Webb: [email protected] - 01749 814282

Teaching Staff

Mrs Emilie Loveless: [email protected] 
Mr Tom Loveless: [email protected]
Mrs Ana Stowell: [email protected]
Mr Sam Gordon: [email protected]
Ms Iria Ramirez Fernandez: [email protected]

Music Department

Director of Music

Mr A J Marshfield: [email protected] - 01749 814241

Head of Music Technology

Mr Oliver Higgs: [email protected]

Studio Manager

Mr Lluc Tupman: [email protected] - 01749 814266

PHSEE Department

Head of Department

Mrs Emily Simper: [email protected] - 01749 814215

Physics Department

Head of Department

Mrs Angela Ashworth: [email protected] - 01749 814223

Teaching Staff

Dr Thomas Brown: [email protected]
Mr Roger Marriage: rwm@kingsbruton,com


Support Staff

Sally Crockatt
Victoria Haselgrove
Helen Lambert


Head of Department

Rev’d George Beverly: [email protected] - 01749 814286 

Psychology Department

Head of Department

Dr Rebecca Larsen: [email protected] - 01749 814401 

Religious Studies & Philosophy Department

Head of Department

Ms Zanna Wilson-Brown: [email protected] - 01749 814286


Rev'd George Beverly: [email protected] - 01749 814286

Boarding Houses

Arion House


Mrs Bethany Griffiths: [email protected] - 01749 814238

Resident Tutor

Ms Heidi Bell-West: [email protected] - 01749 814228


Mrs Sue Pitt: [email protected] - 01749 814228


3rd Form Tutor
Mrs Emily McMunn

4th Form Tutor
Mrs Zanna Wilson-Brown

5th Form Tutor
Miss Jessica Maher

L6th Form Tutor
Ms Heidi Bell-West

U6th Form Tutors
Mrs Sharon Carpenter
Mrs Marie Goffe

Blackford House


Mr Nick Bunday: [email protected] - 01749 814242

Resident Tutor

Mr Ben Crump: [email protected] - 01749 814244


Mrs Janice Jeffery: [email protected] - 01749 814243


3rd Form Tutor
Mr Ben Crump

4th Form Tutor
Mr Roger Marriage

5th Form Tutors
Mr Will Danskin
Mr Robin Lee

​L6th Form Tutors
Mr Craig Barrow
Mr Mark Hambleton

U6th Form Tutor
Mr Gareth Thompson



Lyon House


Mr Malcolm Jeffrey: [email protected] - 01749 814207

Resident Tutor

Mr Henry Eriksson: [email protected] 


[email protected] - 01749 814208
Mrs Julie Anne Paul


3rd Form Tutor
Mr Will Stainton 

4th Form Tutor
Mr Nick Hart

5th Form Tutors
Dr Thomas Brown
Mr Seamus Harkness

Lower 6th Form Tutors
Mr Tim Fletcher
Mr Oliver Higgs

Upper 6th Form Tutor
Mr Henry Eriksson



New House


Mr Ashley Marshfield: [email protected] - 01749 814225

Resident Tutor

Mr Henry Spencer-Underhill: [email protected] - 01749 814226


Mrs Claire Lintell: [email protected] - 01749 814248.


3rd Form Tutors
Mr Henry Spencer-Underhill
Mr Will Lane

4th Form Tutor
Mr Joshua Godfrey

5th Form Tutors
Mr George Cole
Mr Sam Gordon

L6th Form Tutors
Mrs Angela Ashworth
Rev'd George Beverly

U6th Form Tutors
Mr Paul Brice
Mr Guyan Mitra


Priory House


Mrs Georgina Kingstone: [email protected] - 01749 814235

Resident Tutor

Miss Tara Russell: [email protected] - 01749 814229


Ms Jane Trevaskis: [email protected] - 01749 814235


3rd Form Tutor
Mr Tomi Owens

4th Form Tutors
Miss Tara Russell
Miss Iria Ramirez Fernandez

5th Form Tutor
Ms Nicola Checketts

L6th Form Tutors
Mrs Caroline Garland
Dr Rebecca Larsen

U6th Form Tutor
Ms Maggie King


Wellesley House


Mrs Emilie Loveless: [email protected] - 01749 814224

Resident Tutor

Miss Sandra Ling: [email protected] - 01749 814262


Mrs Donna Young:[email protected] - 01749 814211


3rd Form Tutor
Miss Sandra Ling

4th Form Tutor
Mrs Kate Richards

5th Form Tutor
Mrs Rebecca Dixon

L6th Form Tutors
Miss Kate Flavell
Mme Agathe Webb

U6th Form Tutor
Miss Hannah Townsend

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