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At King’s we believe it is healthy and right to take matters of faith seriously and that investigation should be risk free and full of fun.

Our school motto, Deo Juvante, means, ‘With the help of God’, and with His help we encourage pupils to engage with the work and teachings of Jesus Christ that he might become their very bedrock for the rest of their lives.

There are no barriers at any point of contact with the Chaplaincy where everything we offer is accessible and open to all. Chapel is run in such a way that all present, of whatever faith or of no faith, feel welcome and respected. Our wide-ranging Chaplaincy programme is rooted in a biblical ministry which holds the bible to be God’s word piercingly relevant for today’s world. In a sense, the Chaplaincy is no different to any Department at King’s in that our role is to educate and inspire. Teaching the Bible, therefore, is the heart of all our various groups and meetings.

The moral development of pupils is reflected in their clear awareness of right and wrong. Pupils understand the moral values underpinning the school community and espouse them actively. They are courteous and sensitive to the needs of others, and behave very well. ISI Report.

Whatever pupils decide to do in response, they leave King’s having heard that they are infinitely more than the substance they are made of, and that they are precious beyond their wildest dreams in the eyes of the God who made them and acted to save them.

Activities & Events

The Chaplaincy offers a wide range of contexts in which faith in Christ can be investigated. Once a week, and every other Sunday, the School meets for Chapel, the only compulsory event of the Chaplaincy week. It is our many voluntary groups which offer pupils the richest chance to investigate and grow in their faith. Breakout groups meet for a short time of fellowship and fun during morning break with hot chocolate, biscuits and a verse or two to chew over. ‘Forum’, our Sixth Form discussion group, meets every week for games, refreshments, laughter and discussion - often the setting where the deepest roots grow. TGI Friday, our flagship weekly activity, is an hour of fun and friendship over crisps, fizz, music and chat with a challenging and relevant Bible talk at its heart.

Confirmation takes place each Christmas term. It is a hugely important moment and great care is taken in pupils’ preparation. We have good links for those seeking confirmation into the Roman Catholic church away from home. Our annual Lenten Addresses, with an outside speaker for three evenings in Lent, encourage a deeper look into our relationship with God. Our Commemoration Day Service offers thanks for our rich history and for God’s goodness to King’s over the centuries. Possibly the most moving of all is our End of Year Service, when we take a moment to rejoice in all that’s been and to send off our leavers with song, prayer and a final encouragement to stride into their future with the God who made and saved them.

King’s has a close relationship with Christian Activity Holiday organisations that run excellent summer camps and Easter revision camps. Many pupils gain great benefit from these camps during their years at King’s and go on to rate their friends from camp as among the best they have.

Contact the Chaplaincy

Rev'd George Beverly - 01749 814286

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