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New House Murder Mystery Play Has Audiences In Stitches

Boarding Drama and Theatre

The cast and crew were in fine form for the New House play ‘Murder Afoot!’ by Knut Nærum, with superb performances on Wednesday and Thursday evening this week.

The action took place in ‘The Arches’, a mansion belonging to the larger-than-life shoe magnate Titus Platt (played by Freddie). When the notorious gentleman thief ‘The Black Fox’ forcefully announces his intention to steal Platt’s precious Etruscan Dagger, Platt calls the police and all begin to fear for their lives.

The cast and crew worked extremely hard to deliver a fabulous evening of high quality entertainment. All the cast performed brilliantly but particular mention should go to Will who stepped seamlessly into the role of Penny Platt at just a week's notice and did so well that nobody would have known. The first appearance of Colette LaMarre as portrayed by Alex has left a lasting impression on us all!

Congratulations and well done to all involved and with particular thanks to Mrs Ashworth (House Tutor) who kindly directed the performance. An album from the play can be viewed below along with a list of the cast and key responsibilities.

Ashley Marshfield - Housemaster of New House

Cast & Key Responsibilities:

  • Malcolm Platt - Christo Brastock.
  • Livia - Jacob. 
  • Miss Grimlish - Sam. 
  • Colette LaMarre - Alex.
  • Penny Platt - Will. 
  • Thomas Tottering - Oscar. 
  • Titus Platt - Freddie. 
  • Hedda Noble - Callum. 
  • Dick Drake - Harry. 
  • Inspector Bullock 1 - Will. 
  • Inspector Bullock 2 - Freddie. 
  • Backstage - Sam and Harry. 
  • Lighting - Peter and Arthur. 
  • Sound - Fionn and Toby.

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