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An exciting Senior Boys' Inter-House Chess Tournament

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An exciting Senior Boys' Inter-House Chess Tournament...

Last term, we held the Girls’ Section of the Inter-House Chess Competition 2023-2024, which was won by Priory House. Last night we held the Boy’s Section.

Blackford, Lyon and New all fielded strong teams, with a total of 20 boys taking part. They all take their chess very seriously, so the atmosphere was tense. After the first round, it was clear that Lyon House were going to struggle. Only one of their players, Zak, achieved a win. New House and Blackford, on the other hand, chalked up 5 wins and 4 wins, respectively.

Round 2 saw one more win for Lyon House, achieved by Adam. New House and Blackford dominated again, this time with 4 wins for New and 5 wins for Blackford. Both Houses had two players who had won both their games: Otto, Toby, Fred and Ludo.

Round 3 looked like it was going to be a close thing and the games proved interesting. Otto beat Ludo and Fred beat Toby, leaving things evenly balanced between the two top Houses.

The best players from each House were:

Adam from Lyon (winning 2 games out of 3)

Otto from Blackford (winning 3 games out of 3)

Fred from New (winning 3 games out of 3)

There will have to be a further round to determine the winning House, so watch this space for updates!

Tomi Owens - Chess Master

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