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Wow, well what a brilliant event it was this year. After two years of waiting in the side-lines, Ten Tors was back at its full-blown best. The hiatus has given the army a chance to fine tune their already well-oiled machine and they did not disappoint. On their 60th birthday it was certainly one to remember. Although the parachute display team were unable to jump, due to the cloudy weather, it did not prevent the thousands of participants and spectators from fully embracing the occasion. King’s Bruton CCF A and B teams were raring to go by the time the 7am canons were firing their shots.

Both teams had very challenging terrain during the Saturday, but they made impressive progress by getting to the bottom of the moor and working their way back up. Team A camped at Tor 8 and Team B at Tor 7. The weather was glorious for the most part, which made navigation slightly easier. It is always such a relief to see them camped as a six at night. There must have been some excellent map reading and collective team work for both teams to have made such impressive progress.

On the Sunday, the low-lying clag was resting out on the moor, and both teams found their routes a challenge as they had to rely on very accurate map work. Thankfully, their training paid off and they managed to get to their tors without delays. The teams briefly crossed over at Great Kneeset Tor, which must have been a wonderful moment in their challenge. After words of encouragement to each other, they were on their way again and both teams arrived within 20 mins of each other at the finish

As usual, there were throngs of people, proud parents, support staff, teachers, and friends to welcome the teams in. The army oversaw the event with aplomb, making sure they were all safe. Thanks must go to all the staff who trained the teams and prepared them for this wonderful achievement. They all, no doubt, slept well afterwards, knowing that they are a Ten Torrer with a medal to prove it.

Very well done to all the pupils and thank you to the parents and staff who came to support.

Seamus Harkness - Ten Tors Manager


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