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Through studying Biology at King’s, you can gain a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Biology is an exciting, challenging and rewarding subject which covers a diverse range of topics from molecular biology to the biosphere, whilst taking into account past discoveries and future advances in biotechnology. At King’s, pupils are taught Biology in spacious and well-equipped laboratories by enthusiastic teachers.

In the 3rd Form, pupils will study an array of exciting topics ranging from cellular biology to the physiology of the human body and onto the environments of the living world.

In the Biology Department, we feel one of the best ways to learn is by experiencing Biology first hand, through a number of practical experiments and dissections in lessons, but also through visits and trips. Our 3rd Form Bristol Zoo trip improves pupils’ observational and analytical skills whilst learning about the relationships within ecosystems. Our 6th Form trips have also been hugely successful; our L6th Form field trip enables pupils to carry out their own sampling techniques and our U6th Form pupils are very fortunate to participate in a Molecular Biology workshop, where they extract their own DNA, using the very methods they are required to learn for their A2 specification.

Biology provides pupils with the skills to pursue courses in Medicine, Veterinary Science, Conservation, Physiotherapy, Pharmacology and Marine Biology, to name but a few, at universities such as Imperial College, Bristol and Liverpool.

IGCSE Curriculum

The Biology Department follows the Edexcel IGCSE specification for GCSE, alongside the Chemistry and Physics Departments. The Biology Department starts teaching its GCSE course in 3rd Form and pupils cover topics including human influences on the environment, microorganisms, plant biology, homeostasis, organ systems of the human body, genetics and inheritance. After mock examinations in 5th Form, decisions are made as to whether pupils continue with the Triple or Dual Award in Science.

The Biology Department also follows the Edexcel IGCSE Single Award for selected pupils.

IGCSE Specification

Edexcel iGCSE Single Award Specification 

A-level Curriculum

The Biology Department follows the AQA specification for A-Level and it proves to be a popular subject choice for pupils. In L6th, pupils cover topics including Biological Molecules, Cell Ultrastructure, Immunology, Exchange and Transport Systems, DNA, Protein Synthesis, Selection and Classification. Those pupils who continue to study Biology for U6th, in order to gain an A’Level in Biology, study topics such as Photosynthesis, Respiration, Energy through Ecosystems, Nutrient Cycles, Inheritance, Genetic Engineering and Gene Technology, Nervous Coordination, Muscle Contraction and Hormonal Coordination.

Throughout the two year course, pupils will be assessed on a wide range of practical skills which they will be able to demonstrate through a number of experiments. These practical skills range from calculating the mitotic index of root tips to dissecting the respiratory system of a locust. This course prepares pupils brilliantly for pursuing future careers in science.

A-Level Specifications

Contact Biology Department Staff

Head of Department
Miss Kate Flavell; 01749 814216

Teaching Staff
Mr Daniel Cupit 
​Miss Kirsty Hoskins
Mr Malcolm Jeffrey
Mr Louis Corbin O’Grady 

Support Staff
Mrs Gaynor White
Mrs Sally Crockatt 

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