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At King’s we teach A Level Politics.

From Trump to Treaties and Brexit to Biden - studying the subject involves the examination of fascinating real-life, present-day institutions of power and the individuals at the heart of them. If understanding what’s going on in the UK with the Prime Minister, Parliament, the Government, and major issues interests you, then Politics is the subject for you. If you’re excited about elections in the USA, the Presidency, Congress & Supreme Court, then study politics!

The course focuses around three main topic areas:

  1. UK Government & Politics. The British Constitution, the role & workings of Parliament, the Prime Minister & Cabinet, the law courts, electoral systems, elections, Scottish/Welsh/Northern-Irish parliaments/assemblies, political parties (Conservatives, Labour, Greens etc), rights to protest and pressure groups.
  2. US Government & Politics. The Constitution & Bill of Rights, Congress, the President & White House, the Supreme Court, electoral systems, elections, political parties (Republicans & Democrats etc), pressure groups and civil rights.
  3. Comparative Politics & Political Ideas. Comparing the content of the above two political systems (US & UK) to find areas of similarity and difference. The thoughts and practices that form the following political ideas and the key individuals behind them: liberalism, conservatism, socialism, nationalism, and anarchism.

The constant relevance of the subject with what is going on in the news across the UK and USA means that pupils find the subject both enthralling and highly applicable. Lessons are lively, engaging plus full of debate and discussion. Trips take place to locations such as the Westminster institutions of power and Northern Ireland, alongside opportunities to hear political speakers of significance.

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