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Physics at King’s is a popular subject in which pupils are encouraged to question the world around them and consider complex phenomena in an analytical manner.

Pupils at all levels are taught by enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable teachers, all of whom are passionate about Physics and who deliver lessons focussed wherever possible on practical work, using demonstrations and pupil-led investigations to develop analytical skills which are desirable whatever career path a pupil might wish to explore. Right from the start of the 3rd Form, pupils embark upon the IGCSE Physics course, studying aspects of forces, motion, energy and electricity. These topics provide the foundation for in-depth study of more complex topics higher up the School. Each year, pupils from the 5th and Sixth Forms are given the opportunity to enrich their learning by taking part in an Engineering Challenge Day, which sees pupils working in small groups to solve problems ranging from designing mouse-trap cars to building propeller driven air-craft. Many pupils continue their study of Physics at University and beyond; recent leavers have embarked upon courses such as Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Acoustics, Architecture and Pure Physics.

IGCSE Curriculum

The Physics Department prepares pupils for Edexcel IGCSE Triple Award, Dual Award or Single Award, all of which are examined at the end of the 5th Form.  Pupils will study Forces and Motion, Electricity, Waves, Energy Resources and Energy Transfers, Solids, Liquids and Gases, Magnetism and Electromagnetism, Radioactivity and Particles, and Astrophysics.

IGCSE Specification


A Level Curriculum

Physics is a very popular choice for pupils at A Level. We follow the AQA specification, which is examined over two years, though some pupils may be entered for the AS qualification, which is examined at the end of L6th Form. During the first year of the course, pupils will consider Particles and Radiation, Electromagnetic Radiation and Quantum Phenomena, Waves, Mechanics, Materials and Electricity. In the second year, they look at Further Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Gravitational and Electric Fields, Capacitors, Magnetic Fields and Nuclear Physics together with a choice of an optional topic (Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Engineering Physics, Turning Points in Physics or Electronics). There is no coursework, as practical work is central to all topics, and is assessed within the final written examination papers.

A Level Specification

Contact Physics Department Staff

Head of Department
Mrs Angela Ashworth - 01749 814223

Teaching Staff
Dr Thomas Brown
Mr Roger Marriage

Support Staff
Sally Crockatt
Victoria Haselgrove
Helen Lambert

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