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Our priority, above all else, is to ensure that all pupils enjoy History and so we aim to make lessons thoroughly engaging by utilising a wide range of methods and styles of teaching and delivery.

Over the years we have enjoyed considerable success and History is a popular option at both A Level and GCSE. All pupils study History in the 3rd Form and the course centres around the trip to the Battlefields of the First World War in October of each year. Subsequently, they study the considerable impact of the First World War on a variety of different aspects of world history. Further up the School the curriculum at both GCSE and A Level is supported by an annual trip to Central or Eastern Europe.

IGCSE Curriculum

The IGCSE curriculum follows the Edexcel IGCSE course. We follow a Modern World History course which looks at International Relations between 1919 and 1991, US Society after the First World War and China between 1911 and 1989. This course builds on, but does not duplicate, what pupils have studied in the 3rd Form and provides a good understanding of the world around us.

IGCSE Specification

A-Level Curriculum

The A Level course follows the AQA specification. This involves the detailed study of two periods of History, one British and one non-British. From September 2022 we will be following an exciting new course. In the L6th Form, pupils will study Modern Britain between 1951 and 1979 and Germany between 1871 and 1929. These two courses will continue into the U6th Form, up to the fall of Tony Blair in 2007 and to the reunification of Germany in 1991. Both courses cover a range of political, social, cultural and economic aspects of history. In addition, all candidates have to complete an individual piece of coursework (NEA). There is considerable freedom of choice on offer and pupils will have the opportunity to select their own area of study, provided it fulfils the rubric of the course!

A Level Specification

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