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Intended as an enrichment activity for those who have already achieved some skill at their earlier schools, the study of Latin at King’s, with elements of language, literature and Roman Civilisation, is at the heart of the newly-reformed GCSE 9-1.

King’s Latinists will learn in a comfortable and well-equipped computer suite which enhances their learning experience. The Latin GCSE course begins in the 3rd Form and is tested by examination at the end of the 5th Form. The Cambridge Schools Classics Project online is a key tool in delivering a more expansive grasp of the Classical World to students, through visual data as well as an online vocabulary tester. Teaching delivered by an experienced and well-qualified Classicist, ensures that an enthusiasm and rigorous approach for the Classical world, is passed on to our growing clientele. 

GCSE Curriculum

GCSE Latin 9-1 is offered by Eduqas, (part of WJEC). This will be a three-year course to GCSE starting in September 2016.

Latin at King’s is an enrichment course in addition to the three GCSE options on offer. It is taught in a fortnightly lesson and in weekly academic workshops during Activities Time to pupils already conversant with the language, following success at Entrance Scholarship or impressive marks at Common Entrance.

  • Component 1 (90 mins) deals with handling the Latin language: comprising comprehension and translation into English of three connected Latin passages (momentum tests), which increase in level of difficulty, and some very short sentences for translation into Latin.
  • Component 2 (75 mins) involves a study of Latin literature, both prose and verse, on the theme of ‘A Day at the Races’.
  • Component 3B (60 mins) tests a prescribed topic of Roman Civilisation: ‘Roman Entertainment and Leisure’.

GCSE Specification

A-Level Curriculum

OCR AS Level Classics: Latin is examined in two papers, each lasting 90 minutes, one of which, F361, deals with Latin Language - translation and comprehension. To work appropriately at this level, pupils will need a minimum pass in GCSE Latin of grade A. The really strong Latinist might opt for the paper in Latin Literature (F362) to complement their study of the Latin language.

However, someone else might enjoy studying a Greek topic, and an option, F382, from the AS Level Classical Civilisation papers has proved a popular alternative if a pupil wishes to replace the Latin literature component, ‘The Odyssey ‘, 4-12; 18-22 by Homer. This is found in the revised Penguin Classics translation (1991) by D.C.H. Rieu with an introduction by Peter Jones.

Classics: Latin papers will remain examinable until the summer of 2018, before being replaced by OCRs reformed linear specification H443 in Latin, which will contain no examination at AS Level.

A-Level Specification

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