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EAL (English as an Additional Language) supports pupils whose first language is not English and is a charged extra in addition to curriculum subjects.

Our support is aimed to help international pupils access the curriculum and develop their study skills in English in order to integrate fully into the School’s academic life. Just as importantly, we encourage international pupils to study for a specific internationally recognised English Language examination so they can prove their linguistic proficiency on returning home or to continue in the British education system to higher education. Our main examinations are: Cambridge FCE, CIE IGCSE ESL and IELTS. FCE can be sat in December, March and June, IGCSE ESL in May and IELTS up to three times a month at Bath University. It’s important to understand that if you feel you need extra support with your English, the EAL department is here for you.

You will be taught by experienced and well-qualified teachers who have also lived abroad and learnt a foreign language by living in the culture. Our EAL methodology and timetabling are necessarily very flexible to take into account the wide range of different educational backgrounds and expectations of our pupils, different levels of abilities, different linguistic needs. Extra EAL lessons may be in groups of up to seven pupils or may be individual. The costs differ; please see the fees page on the website. In addition to teaching and planning courses, the department liaises closely with all the subject teachers and pastoral staff to ensure that our international students are monitored in their progress.


Read our Guidelines For The Expected English Language Levels here.

IGCSE Curriculum

The Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language Extended with the count-in-oral covers similar material to the First Language examination and is acceptable at British universities with a ‘C’ or higher. The examination consists of a two hour Reading and Writing paper, a Listening paper and a Speaking test with the Head of Department, a qualified CIE Oral Examiner. The examination can be sat in either 4th or 5th Form depending on progress and commitment.

Alternatively, the Cambridge First Certificate can be taken in either 4th or 5th Form depending on progress.

IGCSE Specification

Cambridge First Certificate Specification

A-Level Curriculum

Cambridge First Certificate: short stay pupils are encouraged to sit the examination to gain proficiency at B2 CEFR Level English as it is an extremely thorough examination covering: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Use of English.

IELTS: The International English Language Testing System is a mandatory examination for entry to a British university as it is one of the British Government’s SELT (Secure English Language Test) examinations. An overall band of 6.5 and nothing lower than a 6.0 across all four skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking is required for undergraduate study.

Link to examination specifications

Cambridge First Certificate Specification

IELTS Specification

SELT Specification

Contact EAL Staff

Head of Department
Ms Nicola Checketts; 01749 814285

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